(1) Ceres (6)

(2) Worcester (6)

(3) Robertson (3)

(4) Bonnievale (5)

(5) Swellendam (4)

Biomonitoring - Riviersonderend, Swellendam Area

BGCMA officials performed a biomonitoring exercise in the Riviersonderend River in the Swellendam Area (which is one of the mandates that the Agency is bestowed with), using biomonitoring protocols to assess the ecological condition of the river.

SASS (Stream Assessment Scoring System or South African Scoring System) is a tool which can be used by anyone to monitor the health of a river. One collects a sample of macroinvertebrates (any animal lacking a backbone and large enough to seen without the aid of a microscope) from the water and, depending on which groups are found, one can gain a measure of the general health of that river and assess the water quality.