Elim Home Project - Elim

Elim Home was started in 1963, when the German Moravian Church identified the need for a home for disabled children.  They are a level 1 BEE, Non-profit organization and operate a hydroponic tunnel project, farming mainly with green beans and tomatoes. This project has 9 tunnels.

The project's main goal is to provide food and work security to Elim Home's residents and staff, not only with direct delivery of tomatoes, but also to generate funds to make the overall project more independent of funding.

  • Direct beneficiaries of this project includes +9 workers and 50 residents of Elim Home.
  • 50 children/residents are provided with food every day.
  • The BGCMA funding and involvement of the BGCMA made a difference in their lives because the assistance played a major role in the improvement of service delivery (produce/farming), improved the breakeven time and increased the revenue earned.

When it comes to selling of the produce grown in the tunnels, Elim Home has a program for own consumption and a program to sell some of the produce to generate funds.